The free template Medical, has been created especially for doctors or medical students whatever their branch such as: general medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, urology, geriatrics, toxicology, among others. These PowerPoint slides are designed with a concise style to explain the information briefly but clearly. The backgrounds of each slide are white with blue, white and gray shapes, which help transmit serenity. Includes images related to medicine, such as doctors, stethoscope, laboratory and patient care.

What will you find in the free Medical template?


  • Powerpoint template with serene and concise design.
  • 8 editable slides You can replace the information, adapt the images and the color of the slides in a very simple way.
  • You can download this presentation for free on your pc as a PowerPoint file.
  • Typography: Open Sans.
  • Font color: White and dark white.

Download Powerpoint Template

Free PowerPoint Template – Medical
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